Real estate investments
have been around since
people began renting out
caves and hollowed trees
for shelter.  The stock
market is not as secure
because it is something
that is not in your control.  
My bet has always been
on investment properties
because the return has
always been greater
since 1926.

Sally Parsons
Sally Seller
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Commercial Properties
Letters from clients
Probate sale of a portfolio of Apartment Buildings
Dear Frank,
Thanks for all the work you have done to get the
sale of the last property in the estate completed as
soon as possible. You are the best Commercial
Realtors we could have been given for this complex
case. I believe my mom and Vicki can't thank you
enough--who else could have pulled off these sales
in this economy?  
See you soon,
Mark & Vicki Jersin
Palos Verdes Estates, California
© Frank Ponce
Dear Frank-

Thank you so much for taking your time to do
things for my apartments. I know you are very
busy with your business and family and yet you
still find the time to help!  I don't think I can say
thank you enough.  I appreciate every little thing
you have done to help me sell my apartment
building quickly as promised.
Daysi Capdevila
Hawthorne, California
Sale of Apartment Building

You are knowledgeable in every aspect of the
real estate market, and are able to help me
with all my real estates investments.  
You are the most diligent and helpful agent I
have worked with in my twenty plus years in
the real estate business.  You are the best!

Investor of several hundred units
South Bay, California
Large portfolio of Apartment Buildings
Real Estate has a long history of being a stable and secure
investment. The Stock Market, by comparison is a relatively new
creation. The value of land and property dates back to the very
beginning of recorded history.

To me, your service is superb!
Stella Abad

Apartment Owner