I am totally committed to
giving back to the
communities I work in.

Frank Ponce
Sally Seller
"You should give some time to your communities. Even if
it's a little thing, do something for others - something for
which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it."
Frank Ponce
Giving Back To The Community
Our Community Involvement & Committment
Here at Coldwell Banker Commercial we take great pride in giving back to the communities in
which we work in.  We go beyond the traditional client relationships.  We are committed to
building relationships with neighborhoods that help children make the right choices in life.

We are also very proud to be working with municipalities and police departments in creating
partnerships.  We develop proactive programs to give the citizens a fast, effective and
economical direct-action tool to rid their neighborhoods of nuisance problems. Our
partnerships empower individuals and neighborhood groups to use a civil court process to
make their neighborhoods peaceful and secure. Our programs were developed to teach
landlords, tenants, and other residents, how to abate illegal drug and gang activity in their
neighborhoods, or how to resolve nuisance problems such as noisy neighbors, party houses
or other disruptive and/or illegal activities.

Below is our latest program that is part of the city of Hawthorne’s Crime-Free Multi-Housing
Program.  If you own apartments in the city of Hawthorne you are urged to download the forms
below.  If you have tenants that are a nuisance and/or are involved in criminal activity you will be
affected.  Get involved in this program.  It costs you NOTHING to join.  But, it may cost you plenty
if you have troublesome tenants causing trouble in the neighborhood.
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Click here to learn about the Crime-Free
Multi-Housing Program
Click here to download information on how the
"Make Hawthorne Safe" Program works.
This page is dedicated to the loving memory of Dan Mele, who was a
friend, a mentor, and a piped piper who led inner city children in the
right direction of life.  Your spirit lives on in these programs.
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As part of my contributions to our communities I love to help coach
cross country and track as a volunteer.  Here is a tribute to the
graduating class of 2020 who had their season cut short.  Click on the
link below to watch video: